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Applied Management Perspectives
E-ISSN: 2583-0546

Applied Management Perspectives

Presidency University, Bengaluru .

- Bi Annual Peer Reviewed Journal

About the Journal

Applied Management Perspectives (AMP) is an initiative of School of Management Presidency University, a bi-annual open access E-Journal and is committed to publishing scholarly empirical and applied theoretical research articles. The journal was established in the year 2021.The journal seeks to promote high quality original research with a view to generate new knowledge and disseminate the same among academicians, practitioners and policy makers. To be published in AMP, the research must make robust empirical and theoretical contributions and the manuscript should focus on the relevance of those contributions to management practice. The journal seeks original and innovative theoretical, methodological and empirical research related to various facets of business in a global context. Contributions in diverse fields of management and business in a global context covering (but not limited to) the following disciplines are invited. Papers with trans-disciplinary perspective are encouraged.

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  • Editor-in-chief
    Dr. K Srinivasan
  • Dean, School of Management, Presidency University
    Dr. Virupaksha Goud G
    Associate Professor, School of Management, Presidency University